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Get your groove back after your Texas divorce

| Jun 7, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Divorce has a way of taking the wind out of even the most resilient of people’s sails. When you pledged to love and honor your spouse until death, you meant those words sincerely. Later, when things changed irrevocably, you were brokenhearted over the failure of your marriage.

That is, indeed, understandable, and you have every right to grieve the loss of your marriage, as in many ways, it is like a death. But that is no excuse to give up on the goal of living your best life. If you are mired in regret and remorse, it’s time to kick the “coulda, woulda, shouldas” to the curb and dive back into your life once again.

Seek counseling when needed

There is no shame in asking for help to move on from this loss. You may not know where to turn for help, but a good place to get a referral is from your primary care physician. Another good source might be your Houston family law attorney. You won’t be the first client who needed a helping hand to regain a healthy focus.

Turn to family and friends for support

People who are desperately hurting often try to mask their vulnerabilities with a facade that belies their true feelings. Take a leap of faith and open up to those friends and family members whom you can trust to help you through this rough post-divorce patch.

Rediscover your passion

Married couples sometimes lose their core selves in the marriage. Everything becomes “we” and “our,” and somehow, the true passions of each spouse can unravel in the mix.

Don’t let your dreams wither and dry. Whatever it was that used to put the spark in your eyes — square dancing, rock-climbing, tennis, ceramics — rediscover the joy that it brought to your life now that you are newly single. You may be pleasantly surprised at the instant lift to your mood once you plunge back in to whatever it is that drives your passion.

Get a grip on your finances

It’s likely that you received some kind of financial settlement in your Texas divorce. To maximize the most of your money, if you aren’t already financially savvy, decide that you will develop the financial acumen to become a wise investor. That can leave you poised to enjoy all the experiences offered to you in this next phase of your life.