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How social media affects divorce for those over 50 years old

You've always been a fan of social media, and your wife uses it a lot, too. You're over 50, so it's perhaps not as usual to see people using social media, but you've both enjoyed being able to reach out to your family and to post images this way. Social media keeps you connected with friends and family, and now, it has the potential to give you lots of information about your spouse for use during your divorce.

4 critical tips for using social media during your second divorce

You're getting divorced for a second time, and this time you're in your 50s. You know a lot that you learned from your first divorce - after all, most people go into this rather blind and inexperienced the first time - and you know it's going to help you avoid mistakes.

How common law marriage rules affect same-sex couples in Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively made same-sex marriage legal in every state was a blessing for American equality. It's been more than a year now that non-heterosexual marriages have been fully recognized in Texas, and these couples are enjoying the rights, as well as duties, that marriage affords.

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