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Custody & Visitation - Law Office of Mary Quinn

Custody & Visitation

Understand Your Rights To Child Custody

When you are a parent involved in a child custody dispute, questions about your rights, your responsibilities and your children’s best interests are foremost in your mind.

  • How will the court determine custody and access to your children?
  • Will you be able to get shared parenting time?
  • What are your obligations when it comes to custody and access?
  • If you are a father, will you be able to get custody of your children?

When you have questions about the impact of divorce or a child custody dispute, you need a professional and caring lawyer who will take into account the unique aspects of your situation.

At the offices of Mary Quinn in Houston, we have advocated on behalf of families in custody and visitation matters for more than 40 years. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.

In our experience, many parents come into child custody proceedings with little or no knowledge of their legal rights or obligations.

Many mothers believe that the court will automatically grant them full custody and the ability to dictate visitation. Many fathers think that getting custody of their children is not a realistic possibility or that they will not have any chance at meaningful time with their children. In fact, Texas courts are focusing on helping parents share the joys and responsibilities of parenthood more equally.

Understand Your Rights With Our Help

At the law offices of Mary Quinn, we work to dispel the myths and help you understand clearly what your rights and responsibilities include. We are here to help you find creative ways to resolve emotional issues such as being denied visitation — and we have the experience to help you resolve more complex disputes, such as interstate child custody jurisdiction cases, when one parent moves away.

Though we often use alternative methods of dispute resolution and can represent you in mediation proceedings, our experience at trial is what separates us from many other family law firms. Our reputation for success in child custody and visitation litigation helps us successfully negotiate settlements that are more cost-effective and less time-consuming than litigation.

Serving You With Energy, Empathy And Dedication

Although many attorneys are reluctant to work on child custody and visitation cases, we find them rewarding. We know that the work we do will make a profound difference in a child’s life. We handle child custody and visitation disputes for all parents, whether or not the parties are married. We have also handled cases with parents of the same gender, which require sensitivity and creativity.

At the law offices of Mary Quinn, we make certain you understand your rights and your responsibilities in child custody or visitation disputes, and we help you resolve your issues with energy, empathy and dedication. Contact us for a confidential consultation. Evening hours are available by appointment.

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