I Stayed Home, What Are My Options For Support?

I Stayed Home, What Are My Options For Support?

In many marriages, it makes sense for one spouse to stay home to raise the children and take care of the household while the other spouse works as the primary breadwinner. While this arrangement is often the best fit for the family during the marriage, it can put the stay-at-home parent at a serious disadvantage during and after divorce.

At our law offices, many clients come to us worried about what the future will hold for them as they have been out of the workforce for years, if not decades. We offer the representation and resources they need to start the next chapters of their lives on the best financial footing possible, with eyes open to the possibilities ahead.

Solutions For Stay-At-Home Spouses During Divorce

Houston Lawyer Mary Quinn has decades of experience in Texas family law, and uses innovative and creative strategies to achieve divorce decrees that reflect the sacrifices her clients have made to support the family. This includes stay at home moms and unemployed wives. While spousal support is rarely granted in Texas, there are ways to achieve the financial foundation an individual needs to get back on their feet and be independent moving forward.

In addition to providing sound and trustworthy legal representation, our firm offers a broad range of resources to our clients, including access to financial planners and career advisors. We take a holistic approach, meeting our clients’ legal needs, as well as their practical needs. Our team helps to equip you with the information you need to make sound decisions toward financial stability.

We understand how daunting this time of life can be. After decades of helping individuals in your same position, we know how to identify the resources each client needs, specific to their own situation. It is our goal to help you start the next chapter on the best footing possible.

For more information on stay-at-home mom divorce, please contact our Houston law offices today for a consultation.