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Private Adoptions - Law Office of Mary Quinn

Private Adoptions

The Legal Side Of Private Adoptions

An adoption should be a positive experience for everyone concerned; the new parents, the natural parents and the child or children included. Unfortunately, the issues involved with helping families grow larger are no less challenging than those involved with taking families apart through the divorce process.

For the legal guidance and services it will take to make your adoption experience a positive one — contact the law offices of Harris County private adoption lawyer Mary Quinn for a confidential consultation.

At the law office of Mary Quinn, we take great pride in the work we do for people with adoption-related legal needs in the Houston area and southeast Texas. We offer more than 40 years of experience and dedication to family law matters, including private adoptions. We would welcome the opportunity to start helping you with yours, too.

We Represent All Parties In Private Adoptions

Our adoption practice is limited to private adoptions, adoptions by stepparents and family members such as grandparents, and embryo adoptions. We do not, however, limit ourselves to representing only adoptive parents. In fact, Mary Quinn often represents the interests of children, birth mothers and natural fathers as well.

One of the more unique aspects of our adoption practice involves assisted-reproduction issues. Simply put, few Texas law firms can offer you the kind of experience we can in these situations and with drafting complex legal documents such as surrogacy or gestational agreements.

Whatever your situation, we will make certain that you understand how the process works and its legal requirements, including the six-month rule, the criminal background check, adoption documents and the social study, also known as a home study. We will also make certain that everyone involved, you and any other parties as well, understand the legal rights and obligations that go hand in hand with adoptions.

Schedule A Confidential Consultation Today

If you are looking for adoption-related legal help in Harris County or southeast Texas — we can provide the guidance and quality legal services you need to accomplish your goals and reach adoption finalization. To learn more, call us directly at 713-225-0094 or contact us online. Evening hours are available by appointment. Major credit cards are accepted.