Father’s Rights

Fathers Have Rights In Harris County

In Texas and throughout the United States, family courts have come to accept the fact that children have two parents for a reason, and that it is generally going to be in every child’s best interest to have an active and meaningful relationship with mother and father both.

At the law office of Mary Quinn in Houston, we help unmarried fathers assert their legal rights as parents. We look out for the interests of fathers who are going through the process of divorce and we protect the rights of fathers who are already divorced as well.

Whether you are currently engaged in a post-divorce visitation dispute or are seeking primary custody of a child who was born out of wedlock, you’ll find the support and effective legal representation you need right here. To learn more, or to schedule a confidential consultation, call or contact our Houston law offices.

Securing the Future You Want to Have With Your Children

Although Texas’ laws are written as gender-neutral, favoring neither parent over the other, at least some bias still exists within the state’s family court system. As our client, you will benefit from Mary Quinn’s 40 years of experience and knowledge of local judicial preferences and viewpoints on these matters.

Whatever your situation, we will make certain you understand your legal rights and options as a father. We will always keep you informed and prepared for what to expect at each stage of the process, and we will always do our best to provide clear answers to your questions about fathers’ rights issues involving:

  • Establishing paternity or rebutting a presumption of paternity
  • Genetic testing
  • Payment of medical insurance
  • Child support and retroactive child support obligations
  • Child custody factors considered by the courts
  • Visitation, also referred to in Texas as “possession”
  • Modification of parenting agreements

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