Should We Sign A Prenup?

Should We Sign A Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are often an uncomfortable topic of conversation for couples as they get closer to marriage. For many, even thinking about a prenup feels like they are already assuming that the marriage will fail.

Prenuptial agreements play a critical role in a marriage, however, and should be carefully considered. Not only do these agreements protect both individuals, they provide an invaluable opportunity for both individuals to recognize where they stand financially, and have a clear conversation about how assets and money will be handled during marriage. Many couples skim over money discussions before marriage, setting the stage for conflict in the years to come.

Guidance And Protection Through The Process

Attorney Mary Quinn sits down with clients to discuss the details of a potential prenuptial agreement. Given the specifics of their situation, she can provide a clear understanding of how their assets would be divided, as well as sound guidance and information for the best decisions to make while drafting the agreement.

Not only does the prenuptial agreement govern how assets would be divided during divorce, it can also be used to protect one spouse from financial liability. An experienced lawyer can help you draft a prenuptial agreement that keeps your financial future safe.

Same-sex couples who have lived together or been involved in a domestic partnership for years should especially consider a prenuptial agreement before marriage. If they have co-mingled their assets for years, now is the time to formally discuss and structure how those assets should be set up heading into marriage.

Find Out If A Prenuptial Agreement Is Right For You

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