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Can My Ex Take The Kids? - Law Office of Mary Quinn

Can My Ex Take The Kids?

Can My Ex Take The Kids?

One of the most common — and terrifying — misconceptions that many parents have during divorce is that their spouse will be able to somehow keep them from their children. This is particularly common among fathers. There are many myths that a mother is always granted full or most custody, and can keep the father from seeing his children.

This is simply not true. Most courts are solely focused on providing a decree that is in the best interests of the child. Studies continually point to the fact that it is in the child’s best interests to have a healthy relationship with both parents and see both as much as possible. Judges know this and seek to grant both the mother and father time with the children, unless there are issues of abuse or dangerous living conditions for the child.

Trust Representation With The Representation Needed To Protect Your Parental Rights

Having an experienced attorney can make a significant difference during these custody dispute negotiations. Attorney Mary Quinn knows how to take the facts of the case and present a sound argument to the court as to why her clients should be granted as much time as possible with the child.

If your ex or the parent of your child is trying to block you from your parental rights and time with your child, she can help. Mary has the legal strength of experience and deep knowledge to protect your custody rights and defend the relationship you have with your child from these tactics and false claims.

Far too many people give up and relinquish their parental rights, or agree to decrees that are far less than what they should have. This is usually done out of fear, misconceptions or an inexperienced lawyer. Your relationship with your children is worth fighting for. Mary will provide the legal skill you need on your side.

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