Protective Orders

Protective Orders And Family Law

If you are a domestic violence victim or face false allegations of domestic violence, get help immediately. While dealing with abuse is obviously immensely serious, a false allegation can significantly affect your ability to enter your home, to see your children or to own a firearm. It can also present serious vocational issues.

We at the law office of Mary Quinn in Houston, Texas, are prepared to work toward establishment and protection against protective orders. While it can be immensely difficult to set up a protective order, our comprehensive understanding of this issue readies us for any situation. We have contacts in the DA’s office who help protect victims of violence that we can use to the fullest advantage. Additionally, we have extensive experience defending people on protective orders that are filed with the attempt to put the spouse in a bad situation that is bogus/malicious.

For legal guidance on any protective order issues, contact Mary Quinn for a confidential consultation.

Our lawyer will work directly with you, regardless of circumstances, and will help develop the most efficient and effective strategy for protecting you and your loved ones. Because of the utmost severity of these family law issues, we strongly encourage you to get in touch and take deliberate and decisive action to protect yourself, your family members and your future. We are here for you.

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