What Is Community Property in Texas?

What Is Community Property In Texas?

The state of Texas is one of the few states considered a community property state. Any property acquired during the marriage by either spouse is considered community property and eligible to be divided during divorce. Anything either spouse brought into the marriage (or certain assets like inheritance) is considered separate and exempt from the division.

Community property is to be divided in a manner that the court deems fair and equitable, given the circumstances of the specific marriage.

This means that it is critical that you have a skilled property division lawyer who understands the nuances of Texas family law and how courts treat community property. This includes how all types of property and assets are characterized, and usually divided by the court.

Skill And Experience You Need On Your Side During Critical Property Division Decisions

Attorney Mary Quinn has been trusted by individuals throughout Houston and Texas for decades for her ability to accurately characterize community and separate property, and to produce divisions that protect her clients.

Most people are unaware of their separate property rights under the Texas constitution. With less experienced representation, they are at risk of giving up more property than they should during the division.

She will take a close look at your assets, what you had before the marriage, what you both acquired during the marriage and what is being presented to the judge by both sides. Working with financial professionals, she accurately characterizes and values all assets. She fights to keep any assets that should be separate exempt from the division.

Our firm often works with individuals who haven’t yet filed for divorce to help them plan and prepare for the potential divorce, avoiding common mistakes that could cost them significantly. We provide a broad range of additional resources, including access to financial planners. It is our primary priority to help you start the next chapter of your life on the most sound financial footing possible.

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