Divorce After 50

Divorce After 50

More and more couples are seeking divorces late in life. As their children leave the house and they get closer to retirement, many spouses are making the decision to part ways and embark on separate paths.

Couples divorcing later in life face far more complexities than those divorcing early. While there is less strain due to child custody and related matters, financial issues move to the forefront.  Older couples have likely set a path for retirement and financing their lifestyle after they stop working. Disrupting that plan and dividing the assets can provide a range of issues and complications that can affect when they can retire, or if either one would have to return to the workforce at an advanced age.

There are solutions, however, and ways to successfully split assets and still protect the retirement benefits of both individuals, as much as possible. You need a skilled property division lawyer on your side, navigating these complexities and providing innovative solutions.

Solutions And Strategies For Approaching Divorce After 50

Attorney Mary Quinn has decades of experience in senior divorce and property division in Texas. She will take the facts of your situation and produce a plan for dividing the assets. She will set clear expectations for how a potential division could affect when you can retire and the lifestyle you were hoping to lead during those years.

Our firm offers access to a broad range of financial planners and other resources that can equip you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your financial future. We partner with you during this time to preserve the retirement lifestyle you were hoping to lead, as much as possible.

We also offer solutions for other considerations unique to later-in-life divorce, including how the couple will continue to pay for a child’s college or the best way to proceed with the family home. There are many issues that are deeply important to a couple during this time, but are outside the scope of a typical divorce decree. We produce creative solutions to meet these needs and help both spouses move forward as comfortably as possible.

Let Us Help You Through This Important Life Transition

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