Divorce and Small Business Owners

Divorce And Small Business Owners

Division of business interest in divorce can be one of the most complex issues in property division. Aside from certain assets, most of what is bound up in a business involves intangibles — it is not possible to divide a professional reputation. Additionally, complex issues can arise with respect to salaries, accounts receivable, partnership and buy-sell agreements, as well as other potential partners.

If you are working through a family law or divorce issue involving a business, it is absolutely critical to partner with a firm that can fully address all issues and help you reach a best possible outcome.

We Represent Business Owners In Divorce

We at the law office of Mary Quinn have handled million-dollar business valuation and division in divorce issues. Additionally, we have handled cases involving hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the IRS, requiring the mixing of federal and state tax issues.

In our more than 40 years of practice, our lawyer and team have worked extensively with all kinds of businesses, corporations and partnerships. As such, we have built up a network of some of the best small and large business evaluators. As necessary, we are prepared to reach out to forensic accountants and other financial experts to help ideally address all issues.

Because of the intense complexity of these division issues, we encourage you to get in touch with our team as soon as possible.

Call us directly at 713-225-0094 to discuss business valuation in divorce with our Houston, Texas, small-business community property attorney or contact us online.