When Modifications Are Needed

Families grow and change long after a divorce judgment is passed. As such, it is important that the law can reflect these changing needs. If you or your loved ones’ situation has materially and substantially changed, you may be eligible for a modification to a child or spousal support or custody order. That said, in order to obtain a modification, the burden of proof lies on the party who seeks to obtain the order to make the case.

As such, the skill and approach of experienced counsel is extremely important.

We at the law office of Mary Quinn are prepared to put more than four decades of family law experience to help you obtain the modification that is ideally suited to your unique family dynamics and circumstances. We have worked extensively on all modification issues, from custody arrangements to child support payments.

We Will Help You Find A Solution To Your Family’s Needs

Our lawyer and team will work directly with you to fully understand your situation and needs, and do everything we can to help tailor and work toward a best possible solution that preserves your immediate and long-term emotional and financial health.

It is also important to note that the court can change custody within a year of the last order if whatever’s happening with the child rises to the level of concern of the child’s safety or well-being; when children are involved, the safety and well-being of the children is of utmost importance in the court’s consideration.

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